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Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh- Uttrakhand Tour

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Hello! Hope you are doing well! I m back after a long break. So, after the success of the Udaipur tour, I and my friends(Soham and Krutarth)decided to have a large but pocket-friendly trip. So, we decided after many options to fill our adrenalin rush with Bungee Jumping and other adventure experiences in Uttarakhand. So, we made an itinerary of Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Dehradun which is located at one phase of Uttrakhand. Let's come back to point. I will make 2 posts of Rishikesh and each of Dehradun, Mussoorie and bonus blog. Get to know another half of Rishikesh i.e our camp and river rafting experience by clicking this link:

So, we initiated by picking Dehradun express from Surat railway station at 4:40 AM on 22 February 2020. We had to reserve our seats prior to 2 months of the tour so this was pre-planned. As this train is infamous for its huge time consumption to reach Haridwar around 34hrs but we had no other option. Booking in normal Sleeper Class due to temperate weather was a good choice but at midnight, we encounter two robberies which made us a bit scared. So, if you want more silence and comfort and have money, please prefer the 3AC coach they are much better.

We reached Haridwar junction at 3:10 PM on 23 February 2020, luckily a train was not delayed much. Weather was overcast and we were a bit worried about rains and its impact, taking shutter rikshaw from Haridwar Bus station to Rishikesh at 50rs per head. We reached Rishikesh at 4:30 PM. The rain was stopped and with the help of the guide of Hostel, taking rickshaw at 150rs because there was the only allowance of local transport, we reached Thira Hostel located in Tapowan. We booked this through which was at a much reasonable price with positive reviews and ratings. Check-in at 5:30 PM we kept our heavy and wholly packed luggage in our respective rooms.

After refreshing ourselves, we decided to visit the most famous icon i.e. Lakshman Jhula by walking to know about town and market in a bit better manner. We reached at 6:40 PM as it was evening, this bridge had a different enchanting look. Along, there was a cold breeze which makes the overall experience interesting. So, after seeing many cafes to suit our preference to chill we reached Lucky Cafe where we tried lemon tea, milk and French fries which was good with ambience and location this is a must-visit place. We had loads of dry and green snacks as well as sweets with us which filled our belly in a much better manner.

So., we had done preparations like renting a two-wheeler to visit nearby places in Rishikesh especially for Mohan Chatti (Bungy Jumping) at 500rs/day. We surveyed and got the same price so we ordered from the hostel itself. It is better to rent yellow plated vehicles as they are for commercial purposes to avoid police interactions. Also, click photographs of rented vehicle for assurance.

The next day waking up early and taking breakfast, we rushed towards Mohan Chatti, at some spots there was the construction of a highway. But fortunately, there was low traffic, views during the drive were so fascinating it becomes hard for one to concentrate on driving. It is better to sometimes ask locals for direction or else you will be like us who relied on Google Maps and got to different routes delaying 30 minutes. And it is better to fill extra fuel as there are almost no fuel stations.

You can either pre-book tickets from the Jumpin Heights website or book your slot on the spot.We had a combo of Flying Fox and Bungee Jumping at 4750rs per head.It is recommended to pre-book so you can change your date by pre informing them 2 days prior. This is the highest bungee jumping in India 83m. Reaching Jumping Heights at 11:00 AM we made entry by paying 100rs as entry fees, don’t know the reason behind charging that, we had to abide and sat at Cafe with some beautiful views and snacks we passed our time. Later on, we got a call from staff to weigh, register and get some guidance related to extreme activities. There were 3 categories as per weight (blue, red, green) blue for lightest and red for heaviest. They write your weight with respective markers on your back palm. Know more about Bungee Jumping from my experience by clicking on Bungee Jumping or

Waiting at the jumping platform for almost 1:30 hours observing, listening to participants. I was spine chilled but tried to console myself as my friends got their chance and they performed well anyhow. It was my turn where guide tying their pieces of equipment on me taking 4 steps forward, these are heaviest steps I took ever. After a long pause, suddenly there was a fall where u experience emptiness and that bounce from the rope is that makes you think that "life is about mutual trust". After landing, there was a 25 minutes trek to the cafe which was much exhausting as we were hungry.

Lastly, for flying fox, we were last lot and luckily, we had experienced on that very day or else we had to visit there again. So, it is better to take Flying Fox first. Flying Fox was much sweeter and do it again like experience. Bid adieu to Jumpin Heights we had our sandwich midway on return to Rishikesh.

As it was 6:00, we suddenly decided to spectate the famous Aarti of Triveni Ghats and we were fortunate enough to witness on time. People from various regions and countries were enjoying these spiritual activities. The vibes from these places were much positive. These images will give you an insight into it. And at night we had a stroll again near Laxman Jhula and had a cafe dining. And that was the finish of our 1st half.

Get to know another half of Rishikesh i.e our camp and river rafting experience by clicking this link:

Thank you for spending precious time and learning something new for yourself. Hope you are doing well!

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